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"Oh Yeah?" by Skeet Savage
Choosing Christ-Like Friendships (pt 2)
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Building Beauty
More on Time Management for Homeschoolers
"Can't Believe What I Just Saw"
God Knows Our Needs
The Glory of God and the Life of the Mind
Spirit of Pessimism


About the Digest

By Skeet Savage

In the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST, you'll find practical tips, simple homeschooling suggestions and bold biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect homeschooling families...


Our Mission...

By Skeet Savage

We pray that the broad, yet uncompromising approach you'll find in the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST will strengthen, encourage and equip you in your journey of homeschooling, raising Godly children, and walking closer with Jesus Christ...



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Past Issues Of The Home School Digest

The Fifteenth Year

V15#4 ~ Stewardship and Servanthood


hsdStewardship and Servanthood ~ by Skeet Savage
The View From The Empty Nest ~ by Steve and Carol Ryerson
Run To Win ~ by Mark Fox
Working Character Into Your Children (Part Two) ~ by Michael Pearl
Unconditional Love and Acceptance ~ Martin and Deidre Bobgan
Is It Possible To Give Too Much To God?
Working Together In The Church ~ by John Notgrass
Forgiveness: Forgive or Forget It! ~ by Keith Green
Should Children Be In Church? ~ by Nancy Campbell
Why Christians Should Not Support Government Schools ~ by Dan Smithwick
Build Your Stress Tolerance ~ by Judy Rushfeldt
The Truth ~ by Robert SurgenorStraight From THE Well ~ by Brook Wayne
Where Were You? (Origins) ~ by Israel Wayne
Never Too Young To Have A Purpose ~ by Elysse Barrett
Stopping Spiritual Leaks ~ by Reimar Schultze
The Reward ~ by Rick Joyner
Are You A Merciful Christian? ~ by David Wilkerson
Promise For The Remnant ~ by Alan Martin
The Protest Of A Protestant Minister Against Birth Control ~ by Matt Trewhella
 Recognizing and Responding to Rebellion Before it's Too Late ~ Matthew Chapman
The Folly Of "Fair" ~ by Gian Ryan
Why Not Bring Higher Education All The Way Home? ~ by James Bartlett
Picture Of A Prophet ~ by Leonard Ravenhill, presented by Denny Kenaston
Busy Father, Frustrated Mother ~ by John Coblentz



V15#3 ~ Crossing Over To Live Fully In The Kingdom



Crossing Over To Live Fully In The Kingdom ~ by Skeet Savage
Worn Out By The Enemy ~ by Alan Martin
Why YOU Should Go To The Mission Field (Part Two) by Keith Green
The Great Earthworm Race ~ by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
God Loves Feasts ~ by Nancy Campbell
Exodus and the Law ~ by Robert Surgenor
Fathers Living A Disciplined Life ~ by Tom Bushnell
Living In Victory ~ by Steve Gallagher
Can Darkness Teach Light ~ by James Boyes
Work While It Is Day ~ by Mercy Hope
He Is The Wonderful Counselor ~ by J. Mark Fox
Finding Your Family Vision ~ by David Barrett
Can You Schedule God In? ~ by Steve & Carol Ryerson
Being Different ~ by John Notgrass
The Final Institution ~ by Gian Ryan
Working Character Into Children ~ by Michael Pearl
D.L. Moody: The Fruitful Labors Of A Single Mom ~ by Denny Kenaston
Do You Feel Misunderstood? ~ by John Coblentz
The Fifth Commandment ~ by Buddy Hanson
For This Is Thankworthy ~ by Martin and Deidre Bobgan
Endangered: The Christian Family ~ by Rev. Mike Holcomb
Our God Can Fix Anything ~ by David Wilkersom
I Just Can't Take It Anymore! ~ by Reimar Schultze
The Beginning Of Judgment ~ by Rick Joyner
Organizing The Home Office ~ by Laura Bissonette
Long-Remembered Words ~ by Kenneth L. Pierpont
The Abusive Parent ~ by Israel Wayne
Second Generation Believers ~ by Brook Wayne
The Power Of A Smile ~ by Elysse Barrett



V15#2 ~ The Truth Will Set You Free




V15#1 ~ Truly Christian Education: A Dying Concept?

hsdTruly Christian Education: A Dying Concept? ~ Skeet Savage
The Convenience Of Ambiguity ~ Alan Martin
Children's Dress ~ Brook Wayne
The Christian Family and Moral Capital ~ Patrick L. Hurd
eet The Not-So-Perfects ~ Kathleen Rouser
piritual Refreshment in a Dry and Weary Land ~ Steve Gallagher
Training Young Children to Work ~ Laura Bissonette
Seeking The Heart Of God ~ Gian Ryan
The Father as Teacher ~ Bryan Davis
Socially Correct Homeschooling ~ Steve & Carol Ryerson
When You Stumble ~ Ken Pierpont 
Children's Services ~ Robert Surgenor
Separating from the Fashions of the World ~ Denny Kenaston / Charles Finney
Naming Our Children ~ Pastor & Mrs. Matt Trewhella
Words Of Life ~ Rick Joyner
Unsung Heroes ~ Melody Green
Teaching Little Children to Love God ~ Lee Ann Rubsam
Mission Impossible: Training God's End-Time Task Force ~ Nancy Campbell
Pressures and Passion ~ Reimar Schultze
Are You Abiding In Jesus? ~ Matthew Chapman
The Curriculum Dilemma ~ Tom & Sherry Bushnell
Seeing Your Child's Worth ~ Mark Roth
Full, Satisfied, and Forgetful ~ Amber Deladurantey
I'll See It When I Believe It ~ John Notgrass
Christian Education Resolution ~ T.C. Pinckney & Bruce Shortt
Christian Education Revolution ~ An Interview with Bruce Shortt
The New Church Debate: Education ~ Israel Wayne
Maintaining the Joy of the Lord ~ David Wilkerson





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