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"Oh Yeah?" by Skeet Savage
Choosing Christ-Like Friendships (pt 2)
Who Decides?
Building Beauty
More on Time Management for Homeschoolers
"Can't Believe What I Just Saw"
God Knows Our Needs
The Glory of God and the Life of the Mind
Spirit of Pessimism


About the Digest

By Skeet Savage

In the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST, you'll find practical tips, simple homeschooling suggestions and bold biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect homeschooling families...


Our Mission...

By Skeet Savage

We pray that the broad, yet uncompromising approach you'll find in the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST will strengthen, encourage and equip you in your journey of homeschooling, raising Godly children, and walking closer with Jesus Christ...



Browse our collection of valuable resources homescholing, parenting, worldview development, family discpleship, and character building for individuals and families.

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Past Issues Of The Home School Digest

The Twelfth Year

hsdV12#4 ~ Hands On Homeschooling

Hands-On Homeschooling; What Do I Do To Get My Husband To Be The Spiritual Leader In My Home?; He's So Busy Learning We Forgot To Do School; The One Room Homeschool; Only One Thing; So, You're Going To Homeschool; The Happy Homeschooling Hippies; Keep God's Standards; The Need For Discipline; Husbands, Be Encouraged And Lead (Part 2); A Measure Of Success; A Letter To Mothers; A Modern Day Parable; Appreciation Of Homeschooling By One Older; "I Thought"; The Trap Of Youth Group Nostalgia; The Finishing Level: Ages 19 & Onward; Pay Me First!; Mother; Being "There" For Our Families; Alphabet Lessons To Build Godly Character; Before The Fire Will Fall; God Sets The Solitary In Families; Lingering Lovingly; Charter Schools: Trojan Horse In American Home Education; Understanding Loyalty In A Disloyal World; You Can... But, Why?



hsdV12#3 ~ Light In The Darkness

Light In The Darkness; Cell Phones And Human Dignity; Can You Say Shibboleth?; How To Win The Heart Of A Rebel (Part 2); Why I Plan To Train My Children At Home; Guard, Gird, Guide; Socialization Begins WIth Hospitality; Get A Life!; Preparing Sons: Real Life Stories; This ONE Thing I Do; Husbands: Be Encouraged And Lead; Sending Forth Straight Arrows; A Letter To Fathers; Family Altar: Does This Annoy Our Children; Petty Games At The Foot Of The Cross; Do Your Children Know When You Pray?; Personal Evangelism; Of Princes And Fairy Tale Dreams; Pass It On!; Here's Mud In Your Eye; Get Rid Of The Labels; It Can't Happen Here!; Acute Disobedience Disorder; Domestically Deficient; Hidden Cost Of Buying Outside Of Your Neighborhood; A Fortified Castle Of Lies; Making The Break From Outside Employment; 



hsdV12#2 ~ Turn Off The Voices

Turn Off The Voices; A Well Oiled Machine?; Understanding The Worldview Journey; What Is Financial Bondage?; Then And Now; Where Are You Headed?; What Hath God Wrought?; New Vision For Homeschooling; What Message Are We Sending?: Should Your Child Take An Antidepressant?; Techno-Homeschooling; Personal Success; Husbands Love Your Wives: A Call For Companionship; Grandfather To Grandson; Character Building Tips: Unquestioning Obedience; The Checkout Checkup; Judge And Jury; Developing Your Own Teaching Style; Effective Communication; Are You A Successful Man?; The Little Girl Who Couldn't Smile; Walking By The Spirit And Holding To The Scriptures; Honor: The More You Give, The Better It Gets; The Church And The Decay Of The Nation; How To Win The Heart Of A Rebel; Are You Frugal Or Just Plain Cheap?; Discovering Themes In Literature; Always Be Prepared; Interpreting Standardized Test Scores; Are You Afraid?; Instructed By Scripture, Led By The Spirit; Parents Beware; Mistaken Identity.



hsdV12#1 ~ The Perfect Homeschool Family

The Perfect Homeschool Family; Simplify Life And Enjoy It More; Freedom From The Spirit Of Anger (part 2); Speaking The Truth; I Didn't Come To Judge; Tough Terrain: A Tribute; Should We Fast For Health?; Helping A Friend Overcome Severe Depression; The Dangers Of Growing Up Comfortable; Are You Growing In Grace?; Developing Continuity In Writing; Blessed Are The Persecuted; Faithful Stewardship; God Wrestles With You Alone; What's At Stake In Christian Exposure To Great Literature?; Today's Acceptable Rejection Of God's Blessing; The Love/Discipline Factor; "Feed My Sheep"; Government Education Reinvents Government; Babysitting: Concerns And Cautions; A Family Renewed: Keeping Our Spiritual Heads In A Confused World; The Discipleship Approach To Academic Motivation; Worldview Test; Scheduled Character training Time; The Testament; Tips On Developing Listening Skills; Mom Multiplied: Balancing Our Many Roles; The Story Only You Can Write; Nakedness; Social Development In Homeschooling; Lessons From Down On The Farm; Cottage Industries And The Dignity Of Work; What Makes For Success?; Dying, Death, And Ecclesiastical Mortuaries; Early Education In America;





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