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"Oh Yeah?" by Skeet Savage
Choosing Christ-Like Friendships (pt 2)
Who Decides?
Building Beauty
More on Time Management for Homeschoolers
"Can't Believe What I Just Saw"
God Knows Our Needs
The Glory of God and the Life of the Mind
Spirit of Pessimism


About the Digest

By Skeet Savage

In the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST, you'll find practical tips, simple homeschooling suggestions and bold biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect homeschooling families...


Our Mission...

By Skeet Savage

We pray that the broad, yet uncompromising approach you'll find in the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST will strengthen, encourage and equip you in your journey of homeschooling, raising Godly children, and walking closer with Jesus Christ...



Browse our collection of valuable resources homescholing, parenting, worldview development, family discpleship, and character building for individuals and families.

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Past Issues Of The Home School Digest

The Eleventh Year

hsdV11#4 ~ Grandparenting

Grandparenting; Welcome To Our World; Has Your Child's Education Become An Idol; What My Mother Taught Me; Nothing Left To Buy; Keeping Your Partnership Unlimited; "I Can't Even Make Spaghetti"; Experiencing The Prosperity Of Obedience; On Big Fat Decisions; Getting Back Into Your Right Mind; An Inspiring Conversation With Lee Webb - Interview; The Information Highway As The Instruction Highway; Teaching Children To Manage God's Gifts; Toadstools; Overcoming Discouragement; The Value Of Speech And Debate; How To Live, Lift, And Laugh As A Person Of God; Teaching Greek; The Second Generation: Fortifying And Advancing; Better To Be A Doorkeeper...; Thoughts As New Parents; Help For Helpmates! Where Is The Joy?; How To Teach Your Children About Abortion; Effectively Dealing With Babylon; Teaching Our Children Integrity At Any Cost; Is It Time To Quit?; Ways To Maintain Order; The Reluctant Learner; Our God Can Fix Anything; Get College Credits In High School; What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me 40 Years Ago; Pokemon: Harmless Toys Or Dangerous Demons?; Can Disagreements Among Christians Be Profitable?; Freedom From The Spirit Of Anger; Legacy



V11#3 ~ Higher! Higher!hsd

Higher! Higher!; Involving Our Children in Corporate Worship; Pending Notification of the Next of Kin; The Un-Neighborly Neighbor; Who Is Guarding The Door Of Your House?; Life Skills for Our Children: What Do They Need?; Leading The Way; Developing A Christian Mind And Worldview; Don't Lose Heart In The Quarry!; What Time Is It?; Liberal Arts Education: Is It God's Plan?; Achieve 1/2 Of Our Child Endeavors Smoothly; When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Mommy; Covenantal Economics; Shall We Be Contemporary Or Traditional?; Ho-Ho-Home Is Where The Har-Har-Heart Is; The Spiritual Battle Against Pornography; The Logical Defense Of The Faith; Fueling The Fire Of The Future; A Fresh Cluster Of Promise; It Won't Affect Me; Impart Blessings ; Necessity Of An Explicitly Christian Education; The Influence Of Older Children On Younger Ones



hsdV11#2 ~ Like-Mindedness

Like-mindedness; Ladyship and Economics; A Father's Guide to Family Devotions; Hospitality: Communicating God's Love; The Unincorporated Church; Laying Aside Every weight And Putting On Jesus; Filling Our Wells; Feminizing Education; When Apron Strings Become A Noose; Liberty And Justice For All; Should We Kiss Courtship Goodbye; When Miss Opinion Comes Calling; The Emotion of Anger; Make a Rocket Stove For Emergency Cooking Outdoors; Praise: A Powerful Medicine; Fathers, Do Not Provoke Your Children To Wrath; Music Practice - Battle Or Blessing; Representing the Lord to Our Children; Putting God Back in the Public Square; Danger!! Warning Labels Ahead!! ; Our Relationships With Non-Christians; Childhood Obesity Can Lead To Type 2 Diabetes; Objections to Organ Donations (Part 2); Great Expectations; One Young Couples Journey; Persecution: Trust In The Lord; Home Business: Lawn Service; Practical Loyalty



hsdV11#1 ~ Avoiding Sticky Situations

Avoiding Sticky Situations; Homeschooling Goals; y2b Vigilant; A Burning Flame: Invitation To A Lifetime Of Learning; Tough Decisions: Accept Government Assistance Or Not; The Eye: Lamp Of The Soul; Is Public Schooling A Sin?; Educational Choice And Aberrant Behavior; Rodless Training?; Biblical/Theological Appraisal Of Organ Transplants; Controlling Anger; Foundations For Homeschooling Families; The Flexible Helpmeet; Land And Autonomy; Pearls Of Motherhood; Putting Down Roots: History Of Righteous Living; God's Plan, Not Mine; Jungle In A Jar: How To Make Your Own Terrarium; Why Is Public Education Failing?; One Radically Different Girl; When God Says "Wait"; Ten Things Not To Do With Child Before Age Ten; Planning A Spiritual Curriculum





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