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"Oh Yeah?" by Skeet Savage
Choosing Christ-Like Friendships (pt 2)
Who Decides?
Building Beauty
More on Time Management for Homeschoolers
"Can't Believe What I Just Saw"
God Knows Our Needs
The Glory of God and the Life of the Mind
Spirit of Pessimism


About the Digest

By Skeet Savage

In the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST, you'll find practical tips, simple homeschooling suggestions and bold biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect homeschooling families...


Our Mission...

By Skeet Savage

We pray that the broad, yet uncompromising approach you'll find in the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST will strengthen, encourage and equip you in your journey of homeschooling, raising Godly children, and walking closer with Jesus Christ...



Browse our collection of valuable resources homescholing, parenting, worldview development, family discpleship, and character building for individuals and families.

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Past Issues Of The Home School Digest

The Tenth Year

hsdV10#4 ~ Linens, Lace & Crystal: A Fresh Look at Life's Simple Pleasures

Linens, Lace and Crystal; Homeschooling For Faithfulness; A Child's Heart; Training Fleshy Flesh; The Systematic Destruction Of Character; What Are We To Do About The Proverbs 31 Woman?; Protecting My Own; Over-Choice; A Few Words About The Sin Of Hasty Conclusions; Tithing And Sovereignty; Problems Are Good; The Value Of Having A Hobby; The Mount Blanco Fossil Museum; Worldviews; Are We Living In A Moral Stone Age?; The Seduction Of Homeschooling Families; What Are Your Children Reading About You?; Becoming A Woman Of Prayer; Young Men Preparing For Life; An Introduction To Grain Mills; Mega-Cooking (For The Long Haul); The Art Of Letting Go; Godly Homeschoolers And Sports; The Moral Implications Of Bad Manners; How To Send Your Children To Hell; Learning To Read And Spell



hsdV10#3 ~ What GOD Has Joined Together

Marriage in the LORD; Courtship: Dating in Disguise; What GOD Has Joined Together; God's Way Is Best; Contention Regarding Emotional Purity; How Should a Christian Dress: Does it Matter?; Building A Positive Self-Image; The Infancy Connection; Discovering Our Need For Brokenness; The Godly Helpmeet; Leaving Easy Street For The Plain Path; The Power Of Praise In Perilous Times; Child Training That Proclaims The Truth Of The Gospel; The Impudence Of Being Bored; Biblical Christian Marriage; Encouragement; Wise Old Uncle Tom; Preserving The Passion For Homeschooling; Totally Teachable; Family Togetherness; Home Schooling and Career Options; Temptations To Home Educating Families; Mom, Where Did I Come From?; The Second Homeschool Movement; Child Training Marathon



hsdV10#2 ~ Simple Living; Simply Trusting

Simple Living: Simply Trusting; Running The Race To The Next Generation; Concentrating On Learning; Searching For The Right Questions; A Call To Simplicity by Cindy Rushton; Capturing The Heart Of The Child; The Other Side Of Hospitality; Journey Through God's Word Concerning Vaccinations; Where Are Your Children?; Questions Regarding Insurance; The Burden Of Romance; The War; People In Fishbowls Shouldn't Throw Stones; Keeping The Family Together; Why Written Prayer?; Preparing Our Children For Perilous Times; Character And Government Policy; The Rise And Fall Of Government Schooling; Questioning Secular Classical Education; Dream Big Dreams For God; Convictions And Wisdom; Flexibility In Family Devotions; Why Homeschool Now?; So, Who's Disabled?; It's In The Bag!



hsdV10#1 ~ A Decade of Discipleship

10th Anniversary Issue

Reflections On A Decade Of Discipleship; Searching For Fast Meals In A "Fast Food" Society; Virtue And The Free Society; Education: A Tool In God's Hands; Spiritual Endangerment Of A Child; Language Arts The Easy Way; A Father's Greatest Strength: Inadequacy; Homeschooling: You Can't Do It; Receiving Hospitality; Peculiar And Persecuted? Throw A Party!; Year-Round Schooling; Seven Facts About Homeschooling; The Amazing Creative Power Of One; The Coming Exodus; Sibling Squabbles; Help Your Children Memorize The Bible And Enjoy It; Serving Self Or The Savior; The Purpose Of The Christian Homelife; We've Forgotten; Where Have Good Books/Discipled Christians Gone?; When Nothing Works, What Next?; On Being The Father's Child; The Truth About Passion: Consequences Of Apathy; Depart From Evil And Do Good; The High Calling Of Covenantal Fatherhood; Catastrophic Crises: A Godly Response; Home Training vs. Kindergarten



hsdV11#1 ~ Avoiding Sticky Situations

Avoiding Sticky Situations; Homeschooling Goals; y2b Vigilant; A Burning Flame: Invitation To A Lifetime Of Learning; Tough Decisions: Accept Government Assistance Or Not; The Eye: Lamp Of The Soul; Is Public Schooling A Sin?; Educational Choice And Aberrant Behavior; Rodless Training?; Biblical/Theological Appraisal Of Organ Transplants; Controlling Anger; Foundations For Homeschooling Families; The Flexible Helpmeet; Land And Autonomy; Pearls Of Motherhood; Putting Down Roots: History Of Righteous Living; God's Plan, Not Mine; Jungle In A Jar: How To Make Your Own Terrarium; Why Is Public Education Failing?; One Radically Different Girl; When God Says "Wait"; Ten Things Not To Do With Child Before Age Ten; Planning A Spiritual Curriculum





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